8 thoughts on “ The Mysterious Mr. Kugelberg - The Frothy Shakes - Killed By Death #11 (Vinyl, LP)

  1. Aug 06,  · A fake Killed By Death release, this is an album by the band The Frothy Shakes recorded in the s. All the tracks credited to other bands are actually written and recorded by The Frothy Shakes, as hinted at by the title of the album's first track, "We Are All Frothy" by the alleged Sexy Fits, as well as the sentence etched into the LP's 4/5(8).
  2. Killed By Death # We Are All Frothy / Stay In Shape With The Orgy Poppers / Ladies Home Journal / Sad Clown / Pickup Truck / Benzene / ZTT / Don't Stand So Close To The Hemlock / Warsaw / The Mysterious Mr. Kugelberg / Ladies Home Urinal / Get Up (And Lose It!) (Frothy Shakes, USA, ) A waste of vinyl.
  3. V/A: KILLED BY DEATH # 11 A1_Sexy Fits - We Are All Frothy A2_Orgy Poppers - Stay in Shape with the Orgy Poppers A3_Baby Rattlers - Ladies Home Journal B1_Frothy Shakes - Sad Clown B2_Frothy Shakes - Pickup Truck B3_Frothy Shakes - Benzene B4_Fatty Brats - ZTT B5_Curly Fries - Don't Stand So Close to the Hemlock B6_Horny Toads - Warsaw B7_Gravy.
  4. "Ladies Home Urinal" (as Betty Binns) on Killed by Death #11 "Don't Stand So Close to the Hemlock" (as Curly Fries) on Killed by Death #11 "ZTT" (as Fatty Brats) on Killed by Death #11 "Sad Clown", "Pickup Truck", and "Benzene" on Killed by Death #11 "The Mysterious Mr. Kugelberg" (as Gravy Trains) on Killed by Death #
  5. Sep 11,  · Among the death toll was Arthur Mace, a member of the excavation team who was killed by arsenic in ; Richard Bethell, Howard Carter’s secretary who allegedly smothered to death in his sleep in ; and Sir Archibald Douglas Reid, who was responsible for X-raying the pharaoh’s mummy and was the victim of a mysterious death in
  6. Nov 28,  · NEW YORK – A dedicated collector, Johan Kugelberg spends his time preserving, organising and contextualising the fascinating ephemera – think fanzines, posters and photographs – that the rest of us consume and too often throw away. Through Boo-Hooray, the gallery he founded in , he also curates, exhibits and publishes books dedicated to these artefacts' countercultural movements.
  7. Aug 07,  · The Dakota, an apartment building in New York City, has been home to many rich and famous residents since it opened back in John Lennon and Yoko Ono moved into the building in , and John was also assassinated outside the structure on December 8, Before his death, John claimed he saw a "crying lady ghost" roaming the halls.
  8. Like hold on thee. Let go his arm. Edgar speaks with the accent of someone from the west of England here. macho talk like yours could kill me, I’d have died weeks ago. No, don’t come near the old man. Keep away, I’m warning you, or I’ll find out whether your head is harder than my walking.

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